Audience vote


Epilogue 1


Host: (must now improvise, i.e. counting the raised hands in the audience or letting the ushers count them and potentially coming up with a speech that leads to the following) Thank you very much, I declare that the majority is in favour of Frankís divorce. Ah, ladies and gentlemen, that is something my subjects will not be in agreement with. Am I right?


Frank: (gesturing to the audience) I couldnít care less what they think, all of them, just sitting there!


Host: And Anna? Are you not seeing sense at least? Youíre going to have a baby and that will be your raison díÍtre. You do not need this man. He was part of your life, yes, but never your actual life. Let him go.


Anna: Who even are you? Who gave you the right to talk to us like this?


Ellen: Are you even human?


Anna: Have you just listened and yet not understood our desires? That I donít want to be alone! Is that not enough for you? Are you dead inside?


Ellen: Heís like a machine. A computer on legs. Someoneís set him on us. Frank, turn him off.


Anna: Destroy him!


Host: You cannot destroy life!


Frank: Youíre not life, youíre a concept, (grabs him) an imperative!


Host: You cannot escape life either. Here, in this room, the majority is against you!


Ellen: Turn him off!


Anna: Switch him off!


(shouting, uproar, the Host collapses, the three move away from him)


Anna: Is he human?


Ellen: Heís a machine!


Anna: He wanted to destroy our marriage.


Ellen: And my love!


Frank: Exactly! As if this wasnít possible Ė your love and our marriage!


Anna: (kisses Frank) Thank you!


Ellen: With you itís never boring. (kisses him)


Frank: I feel really good now! Almost cannibalistic! There was a point to the evening after all! I hope the ladies and gentlemen here in the room have seen that too. Come on! (leaves with Anna and Ellen)


Host: (gets up, calls after them) Ellen, you silly little cow, donít keep wasting your youth on a man whose only interest is your naked body! Frank, the career man, learn to value your wife. And you Anna, a woman who loves life, look forward to having your child. And donít forget the big kid by your side. He is helpless without you and doesnít realise it. Ladies and gentlemen, here ends our session!




Epilogue 2


Host: (must now improvise, i.e. counting the raised hands in the audience or letting the ushers count them and potentiallly coming up with a speech that leads to the following) Thank you very much, I declare that the majority is against Frankís divorce. Well, Doctor, congratulations, you have held your own , now you must go through with it. You seriously believe that the two women will continue playing in this double life with you?


Frank: Iím not scared!


Host: Then do let us observe what will happen in six months time when Ellen will have moved into a flat in London.


Frank: Our most recent conflict?


Host: Yes, exactly that. Ellen, please enter your London pad and welcome Frank.


Ellen: Do I have to?


Frank: (as himself) Yes, yes, I want to know what might happen too now!


Ellen: Fine. (takes up her position)


Frank: (acting now) Hello darling, sorry Iím late.


Ellen: Hi!


Frank: Dull talks at uni, but you know, I donít like leaving, causes unnecessary attention. (lies down on the sofa) Ah, time to relax. Have you got anything to drink?


Ellen: Get something yourself if youíre thirsty.


Frank: You annoyed?


Ellen: You know why!


Frank: Well I canít change that! Actually, I should be with Anna. It could happen any time now.


Ellen: A good time to take stock then.


Frank: What do you mean?


Ellen: Iíve met someone.


Frank: Someone? What kind of someone?


Ellen: Just someone, a young guy!


Frank: Right, ok! (sits down) Is it going to be a problem for our relationship?


Ellen: As long as itís not a problem for you!


Frank: How longís it been going on now?


Ellen: About a month.


Frank: Ok, fine by me.


Ellen: Youíre going to have to share me with someone else.


Frank: Am I not enough for you?


Ellen: No! Not anymore!


Frank: Right, so nothingís gonna happen today then?


Ellen: Youíre ok with that?


Frank: What am I supposed to do? Start shouting the odds? Iíve got other things to think about.


Ellen: Youíd never make a headís position.


Frank: No need to carry on being spiteful!


Ellen: I kept today free.


Frank: Well come on then! Whatís wrong?


Ellen: Iím not sure I really want to sleep with you today.


Frank: Letís give it a miss today then, Iím quite tired anyway.


Ellen: Iíd appeciate that.


Frank: In that case, Iím gonna go, alright?


Ellen: Alright.


Frank: Iíll call you.


Ellen: Yeah, call me.


Host: Thank you, thank you. So then you went home and surprised your wife. Anna, come over please. What happened when your husband turned up at home unexpected?


Anna: Act it out?


Host: If you would be so kind! Ok, Frank?


Frank: Yeah, yeah.


(Anna and Frank take up their positions)


Anna: Oh hello, youíre back already?


Frank: Yeah, I didnít bother going to my meeting. Donít feel right. (sits down heavily on the sofa)


Anna: Are you ill?


Frank: Tired! Have you got anything to drink?


Anna: Get it yourself! (sits down, puts her hands on her stomach)


Frank: Is it time?


Anna: I donít feel like it is, no.


Frank: Any aches and pains?


Anna: No.


Frank: How about I have a go, from behind?


Anna: I thought you were tired...


Frank: Iíve got the urge now!


Anna: Then why arenít you with that Ellen?


Frank: Not now!


Anna: Yes now!


Frank: What, why are you saying Ďyes nowí?!


Anna: Because Iím setting you free!


Frank: Are you mad?!


Anna: No, Iíve just come to my senses.


Frank: You canít do this now!


Anna: Itís better if we separate.


Frank: But not in your condition, you canít!


Anna: Frank, the baby, itís not yours!


Frank: What?


Anna: Itís Grahamís.


Frank: Whoís Graham?


Anna: You donít need to worry about that anymore. Iíve filed for divorce.


Host: Thank you! Ladies and gentlemen, here ends our session. Have a safe journey home.